1. Locations


Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world. It is also a place where the modern coexists with the traditional. Japanese culture and tradition have created a wealth of interesting locations for the image creator. It is a place where styles sometimes clash - offering many unique places and unusual visual possibilities. With all of its complexities, culture and idiosyncrasies, Japan can offer up an extremely dynamic and totally unique backdrop for a shoot; from urban cityscapes to traditional temples and shrines.


This is a small sample of locations in Tokyo and throughout Japan. If you have specific location requirements or would like some suggestions and ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 








2. Getting there & away



There are 2 major international airports that serve Tokyo. Most direct international flights from Japan arrive at Haneda or Narita.

Haneda: 60 minutes from central Tokyo – Flights from Europe, US & Asia, as well as domestic flights.                      

Narita: 2.5 hrs from central Tokyo – International flights.

*Please note that travel times may vary depending on time of day and traffic conditions.




Kyoto and Osaka are served by Kansai Airport

Kansai Aiport – Domestic and International flights.

– 1.5hrs to Kyoto

- 1 hr to Osaka




Bullet train – Sometimes the fastest way to travel between major Japanese cities is by bullet train, as long as you do not have too much kit.


Location vehicle - Depending on your crew size, we would recommend 8 – 16 seater van for your shoot. The vehicle normally comes with a driver – a normal driving day is 10hrs.


Also, we are able to arrange vehicles with shooting facilities such as wardrobe, hair and make up + production office. Please let us know your requirements and ask about rates.




3. When to shoot. Seasons in Japan



Japan has quite clear and distinct seasons. Every season has something unique to offer – from the accessible winter snow in north, beautiful cherry-blossoms in spring, warm climate in the summertime, to the amazing changing colours of a Japanese autumn.


Hottest month – August (average 26℃)

Coldest month – January (average 5℃)

Driest month – January (average 9 rain days)

Wettest month – September & June (average 20 rain days)




On national holidays offices can be shut, public areas & all travel can become very busy and hotel accommodation can be in extremely high demand (and more expensive). We advise to book early if you plan to shoot on these dates:


Golden week – From the end of April to first week of May. Please enquire for exact dates.




4. Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)

If you want to shoot with Japan’s beautiful cherry blossoms as a background, the season is generally in March and April.


Average Blossoming in Japan:

Tokyo  - 28 March (blossoms open) – 5 April (full bloom)

Kyoto  – 31 March (blossoms open) – 7 April (full bloom)


Later Blossoming (Northern Japan)

Sapporo – 5 May (blossoms open) – 8 May (full bloom)


Blossom opening will vary, depending on how warm it has been that year. The further north that you get, the later the Cherry Blossoms open. Please note, this is an important season in the Japanese tourist calendar and it can become very busy at hotels, public spaces and restaurants. We recommend booking hotels as far in advance as possible. Also, hotel prices will generally rise over this period.