Featured Photographer: Reylia Slaby

We recently commissioned fine art photographer Reylia Slaby to create an original image for our website.

IINO PRODUCTIONSは、ファインアートフォトグラファーのReylia Slaby(レイリア・スラビー)に、ウェブサイト用オリジナル画像の撮影を依頼しました。

Born in Japan in 1992, Reylia Slaby was raised in the Kansai region and began her career in photography there from the age of 19. Her main goal in her work is to create culturally diverse and intrinsic imagery, while incorporating a storytelling element to her pieces. Her medium is a blend of Fine Art and fashion, exploring the relation between the two differing styles, as well as fusing aesthetics from the east and the west. 

1992年に日本で生まれたReylia Slaby(レイリア・スラビー)は、関西で育ち、19歳から写真のキャリアをスタート。 彼女の目標は、ストーリー性のある要素を取り入れながら、多様な文化を取り入れ本質的なイメージを作り出すこと。彼女の作品は、ファインアートとファッションを融合させたもので、東洋と西洋の美学を融合させながら、二つの異なるスタイルの関係性を探求している。

At 21, she worked with Mr.Children on their album “Ashioto, Be Strong” featuring her work on their album, as well as for their artist photo. At 22, she was selected for one of Adobe Photoshop’s 25 under 25 artists, to create a piece that showcases the future of Photoshop. Additional clients include DJI, L’Official, and Nikon. 

21歳の時、Mr.Childrenのアルバム「足音〜Be Strong」に参加し、アルバムには彼女の作品が収録され、アーティスト写真も掲載された。22歳の時、Adobe Photoshopの25歳以下でPhotoshopを使っているもっともクリエイティブなビジュアルアーティスト25人の一人に選ばれ、Photoshopの未来を示す作品を制作した。その他クライアントには、DJI、L’Official、Nikonなど。

Here is a piece written by Reylia about the location and how the image was created.


When someone envisions Japan, the mind conjures up an array of beautiful images. The visuals that appear, I’m sure, are closer to the cultural beauty of Kyoto, or the hustle and bustle of a city like Tokyo. Tottori is indeed one of those captivating places that completely alter your perception of a place, no one would expect a place like this is exist within Japan.


The first time I visited Tottori, I traveled there by myself. I took a bus to the coast, and I was unprepared for what a beautiful impact it would have on me. The first time I laid eyes on the sand, it felt as if I was entering a new realm, a new type of beauty. It was so unlike other places in Japan, and it embodied a quiet regality, it had a power that I wasn’t expecting to feel. It was in that moment that I realized that up till that point, I had never completely seen the sky in Japan. A sky unadulterated by telephone wires, houses squeezed together, or even hills and mountains. My initial response to such a vast expanse was breathtaking. The clouds hovered over me, like floating kingdoms. It was the first time I realized that clouds too have shadows.


I began to walk, aiming to climb to the very top of the dune. In this, I felt the sand grind under my feet, almost in resistance to me. After an hour, I finally reached the top, only to be greeted with a long drop at the end of a sandy cliff, and a panoramic view of the ocean. The wind tossed and turned my hair, the sand lifting up from the ground. Everything felt alive, everything was moving, all was kinetic. I was alone, and I imagined what it would be like to walk along this terrain for days, solitary and my own thoughts as my sole companion.


I had walked for six hours straight that day, my hair was hardened with salt, and my skin was flushed from the sun, and my body was exhausted from the absorption of heat from the summer day. On my way home, I knew that I had come to a special place, and that I needed to have a shoot here soon.


When Iino suggested a collaboration, I knew that I wanted to revisit this special place. I wanted to recreate the multitude of emotions and thoughts that came to me that first day that I had gone.

IINO PRODUCTIONSがコラボ撮影を提案してくれたとき、この特別な場所に再訪したいと思いました。初めて鳥取砂丘に行った日に浮かんだ様々な感情や思いを再現したいと思ったのです。

The second time visiting was a different experience. Because this time around I had taken the team in winter, it was fascinating to see the juxtaposition of the seasons, and they truly couldn’t have been more unlike, but both majestic and powerful in their own way.

2回目の訪問はまた違った体験でした。今回は冬にチームを連れて行ったので、季節の移り変わりを見るのはとても魅力的でした。これほど似ているとは思いませんでしたが 堂々としていて力強さを兼ね備えていました。

It was such a wonderful time being able to come back to this magical spot to create this piece. It was challenging to edit the sand to make it smooth. In the winter the sand freezes, and creates a completely unexpected look. But with Photoshop, the sand was able to be evened out, and we were transported back to summer.


After the shoot, I was so pleased to come back and revisit this amazing place. It made me even more excited, because I know that Japan is replete with places like this. Places that one doesn’t expect, places that have you rethink, and change your pre-conceived conceptions of a place. Through that sometimes, you can even change yourself. And that’s truly when it becomes the most exciting and beautiful. 


More of Ryelia’s work can be seen here on her web-site.


web-site: http://reyliaslaby.com