Featured Photographer: Masa Hamanoi

We are introducing Masa Hamanoi, one of the photographer who shot the first visual for this website’s TOP page.

IINO PRODUCTIONS webサイトTOPページのファーストビジュアルを撮影したフォトグラファー、Masa Hamanoi(マサ・ハマノイ)さんを紹介します。

Q – Can you tell us about your background? How did you become a photographer?
あなたのバックグランドを教えてください。どのように フォトグラファーになりましたか?

I was born and grew up in Ibaraki, where the sky is very wide.
When I was a child, the beauty I was familiar with was the rural landscape that changed with the seasons.
I think that the glittering landscape of the rice paddies in May with water covering the fields is the prototype of the beauty in my mind.
I learned the knowledge and skills of photography from my experience working in a studio. The people I met during my time in England, the diversity of people I met, and the fun of being imperfect, which I newly realized.

Since returning to Japan, I’ve been able to feel the fun and unadorned beauty that exists in my days from a slightly different perspective.
Thanks to everything I’ve encountered so far, I’ve been able to take the photos I’m taking now.



Q – How would you describe your photography style? What are you most interested in shooting these days?
あなたらしい写真とはどういうものですか? 最近の撮影で一番おもしろかったことは?

I express nature and people as they are, with a poetic and sometimes playful touch. I guess it’s something I like to walk beyond.


Q – Can you tell us about any projects or exhibitions you are working on at the moment? 

I’m pleased to present the “PLAY AT HOME” exhibition at snow shoveling bookstore in Komazawa from October 1st (Thu) to 12th (Mon) 2020.

This exhibition is composed of photographs of the dancer Aoi Yamada in her hometown Matsumoto and new photos taken in Tokyo. The exhibition will be held in a secluded space surrounded by a lot of books, where you can feel a sense of newness and a sense of asobi gokoro within the nostalgia.
My life’s work is to photograph the playfulness that exists in my surroundings and in nature.

2020年10月1日(木) – 10月12日(月)まで、駒沢の書店 snow shovelingさんにおいて作品シリーズ”PLAY AT HOME” exhibitionを開催します。


Details of the photo exhibition will be announced on the next NEWS page!