Tokyo Motor Show 2015

We were asked to work between an advertising agency client a photographic artist to develop and create artwork to be used for The Tokyo Motor Show 2015. Our role was to understand the nuances of the creative brief and communicate this to artist, who is from Germany. We worked between the client and the artist, helping to develop the work and making sure the client's ideas were properly expressed and understood.


Over the course of one month we helped develop these visual ideas, submitting drafts and communicating feedback.


Because of the nature of the artwork, we had to shoot in the night time, with the images being created live by 'painting with light'. We were able to secure a fantastic futuristic and iconic Tokyo location.


The shoot took place over two nights on location with a 20 strong photographic crew, as well a video team documenting the artist's process.


We really enjoyed playing our part in this creative process.


Fashion shoot - Conleys

We were approached by a european online fashion company to produce a multi-location fashion shoot for their fall/winter collection.


They wanted to get a broad range of locations and to contrast a very modern, urban Japan look with a traditional feeling.


In the end we recommended that the client shoot in Tokyo and also Kyoto, for two very different looks.

The client also wanted to shoot with traditional, Japan-specific models - we were able to source for them a Geisha in Kyoto to carry out a tea ceremony for their shoot, as well as a kendo warrior athlete.


The nature of the shoot and photographers style was quite spontaneous so we had to react quickly on the shoot days, sourcing last-minute permits, castings and unusual props. 





Personal project - Sumo shoot

We were approached by a photographer to help him take some shots of a professional Japanese Sumo wrestler.


Contacting Sumo organisations for projects is challenging as there are very strict regulations involved in shooting with genuine Sumo wrestlers.


Eventually, we were able to secure a two day shoot at two Sumo gyms for the photographer and our small production team. We had to shoot very early in the morning to make it work for their schedule  - it was definitely worth it though, as the images turned out to be really nice.


We also managed to work with the wrestler Yokozuno, who was one of the very top sumo wrestlers in the world!

Video documentary - Keirin Racing



We were asked by an online art and culture website to produce a documentary video about the Japanese Keirin industry (bicycle racing). This was a very interesting enquiry for us because Keirin in Japan is quite a closed and secretive industry.


After much dialogue with the Keirin association about the nature of the film, we were granted access to the Keirin training school and also the professional Keirin track to film a race night.


It was a challenging four day shoot, with wonderful access to the industry.

Our role covered almost everything for the project - including permits, scouting, estimates, transport, translation, equipment and crew hire.


We were very pleased to play a part in making this video happen - and to find out about an industry and culture that is steeped in tradition and history

Watch the film here :


Aerial shoot  - United Airlines

We organised an advertising shoot over the Tokyo skyline from a helicopter using a camera rig.


The client wanted to shoot and both dusk and dawn and the weather had to be just right for the look that they were going for - so we had planned a 3 day shoot from the helicopter, with the option to use less days if they had already got what they needed.


This involved careful planning and negotiating with the Tokyo helicopter companies, so we could reduce cancellation fees to a minimum if the photographer did not fly. In the end, as luck would have it, the weather turned out to be just what they were looking for on the first ride and we also ended up sourcing a roof- top location for the clients to obtain a different angle.