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We’d like to introduce our new Artists page.”Tokyo-based, globally-minded creators.”As a Japanese production company that specialises in international production, the last 12 months have been challenging.

There has been a huge amount of uncertainty within the industry as a whole. Shoots have been cancelled last-minute, budgets have been cut, borders have closed. A whole new way of working under new covid-safe conditions has emerged and ‘remote shooting’ has become a new normal.

The global pandemic has changed the way our industry works. Most of pre-production, casting and even scouting can be successfully done remotely now. We certainly miss working with people face-to-face, but it’s exciting to see how a new approach can save money, time and air miles. There are now less people on set, crews are more agile, schedules are tighter. You can’t help but be inspired at our industry’s ability to adapt and to change.The lack of international travel into Japan has opened up an interesting door for us. The demand for local creatives have increased.

Our clients are requesting Japan-based creatives to take on their projects, rather than flying their own talent into the country.For this reason, we are launching our new Artists platform. We want to make it easier for the international creative community to see who is available right here in Japan.

These are artists who understand the demands and process of an international shoot and can work seamlessly with English-speaking teams. This is a showcase platform, rather than formal management – lets grow our creative network! Check the page out if you’ve got some time  – we will keep updating our list of exciting local talent.

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この度、webサイト上に「Artists Page(アーティストページ)」を新設しました。コロナ禍で、海外クライアントの来日や、大人数での撮影が制限される事態が続いています。そんな中、クライアントが来日せずにできるリモート撮影が一気に浸透してきました。アーティストも同じく、各国から来日できないため海外クライアント案件でも日本在住アーティストをアサインする機会が増えています。そこで、私たちが自信を持っておすすめする日本を拠点に活躍する英語が話せるバイリンガルアーティストの紹介ページを作成する運びとなりました。各アーティストとはマネジメントが伴う関係ではなく、あくまでも紹介として発信させていただきます。

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